1. R-22-A: Waives the requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120a(a) as they apply to Neosho County for the year ended December 31, 2022
  2. R-22-B: Transferring the preparation of Payroll and Human Resources to the Neosho County Clerk
  3. R-22-C: Declaring a state of local public health emergency in Neosho County, Kansas known as COVID-19
  4. R-22-D: Resolution rescinding Resolutions R-21-D, R-21-E, R-31-F, AND R-21-G
  5. R-22-E: Resolution for the Regulation of Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  6. R-22-F: Resolution opposing the Federal Government's "30x30" land preservation goal
  7. R-22-G: Resolution opposing the inclusion of Neosho County within the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Act
  8. R-22-H: Mandating the closure of a portion of a certain road located in Neosho County, Kansas (210th Rd)
  9. R-22-I: Mandating the vacation of a portion of a certain road located in Neosho County, Kansas (210th Rd)
  10. R-22-J: Resolution for the implementation of a speed limit modification...
  11. R-22-K: Reducing the Speed Limit to 30 mph on Elk Rd from 225th Rd/Ash Grove Rd north to Allen County/Neosho County Line
  12. R-22-L: Proclamation of a state of local Disaster Emergency for Neosho County Kansas
  13. R-22-M Supporting Operation Green Light for Veterans
  14. R-22-N: Directing Kelly Law Office, LLP to initiate tax foreclosure procedures upon properties subject to delinquent property tax liens
  15. R-22-O: Rescinding speed limit reduction Resolutions R-22-J (Plummer/Douglas Rd) & R-22-K (Elk Rd)
  16. R-22-P: Authorizing participation in to the Rural Opportunity Zone student loan repayment program for calendar year 2023