Explanation of the Upcoming 169 Highway Project

Phase 1

Starting about the 15th Highway 169 from K-39 to K-47 will be closed. The detour is east on K-39 to U.S. 59 then south to K-47 and back to U.S.169.

This will remain in place for about 125 days (mid-summer).

Phase 2

U.S.169 will be closed north of K-39. The detour will be west on K-39 then north on U.S. 75 and back east on U.S. 54.

This will remain in place for about 180 days. Around mid-November 2022.

Serve Your County

It's a busy Election this year! If you would be interested in helping serve your county, please contact your County Clerk or Elections Officer to find out how!