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 “Only one thing that you can see and hear that is beautiful and frightening at the same time, and that is a thunder storm.”
R.K. Cowles

REMINDER: Citizens of Neosho County have the option to receive CODE RED alerts via their cell and telephones. In order to receive these various alerts you will need to opt into the program by clicking the link "CODE RED WEATHER WARNING" and filling out the forms and submitting. Once you have been approved you will start receiving code red alerts for the options which you chose.

The link below will allow citizens to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app:



Neosho County has an area of 576 square miles and a population of 16,406.

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District 1
Paul Westhoff
, Commissioner

Centerville Twp., Chetopa Twp., Erie Twp., Grant Twp., Ladore Twp., Lincoln Twp., Mission Twp., Shiloh Twp., Walnut Grove Twp., Erie City, Galesburg City, St. Paul City, Stark City, Thayer City

District 2
Nicholas Galemore
,    Commissioner

Big Creek Twp., North Tioga Twp., Chanute City (1st Ward, 2nd Ward, and 1st and 2nd precinct of 4th Ward.)

District 3
David Bideau,           Commissioner

Canville Twp., South Tioga Twp., Chanute City (3rd Ward and 3rd precinct of 4th Ward)

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