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   March 3, 2015 Chanute Primary
             April 7, 2015 City/School General

Neosho County is a progressive community with new schools, a new hospital addition, and a two-year college. In addition to our clean air and water, Neosho County has a hard working populate with family values. Natural resources include agriculture, aggregate rock for cement, oil and gas production, and numerous manufacturing.

The Neosho River with ample hunting, fishing and biking for the outdoor enthusiast dissects Neosho County. Several lakes dot the county making for ample opportunity for outdoor activities. Those lakes include Neosho Wildlife Area, Neosho State Lake, Parsons City Lake, Chanute City Lake and two Thayer City Lakes.

Chanute, our largest city, has fiber optics available for those working in cyber space.

Neosho County has an area of 576 square miles and a population of 16,406.

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Neosho County Schools
Neosho County Community College
USD 413 Public Schools
CUSD 101 Public Schools
St. Paul USD 505 Public Schools
Thayer USD 447 Public Schools

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District 1
Paul Westhoff
, Commissioner

Centerville Twp., Chetopa Twp., Erie Twp., Grant Twp., Ladore Twp., Lincoln Twp., Mission Twp., Shiloh Twp., Walnut Grove Twp., Erie City, Galesburg City, St. Paul City, Stark City, Thayer City

District 2
Nicholas Galemore
,    Commissioner

Big Creek Twp., North Tioga Twp., Chanute City (1st Ward, 2nd Ward, and 1st and 2nd precinct of 4th Ward.)

District 3
David Bideau,           Commissioner

Canville Twp., South Tioga Twp., Chanute City (3rd Ward and 3rd precinct of 4th Ward)

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